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Strategic Planning


SWr values strategy: planning, focus, and execution to achieve success. If you are a one-person operation, startup, or a small firm looking to grow in any industry, refresh your strategy, and/or expand to new markets, SWr gives tailored recommendations, and builds a plan with you. Some of the services we offer are, but not limited to

Internal / External Assessment

SWr takes a deep dive into our clients' internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats (i.e., SWOT Analysis), and gives strategic recommendations. 

Relationship Development

Relationships matter; SWr maintains a myriad of relationships at all industry levels that benefit our clients. SWr assists with introductions and advises on how to leverage existing relationships.

Social Media Analysis

We live in a social media world and increasing our clients’ social media presence generates a “buzz” around their company and establishes their branding to penetrate new markets, generate more profit, and extend influence. SWr assists clients with establishing social media channels and developing relevant content.

Business Development / Marketing

SWr assists our clients with analyzing their current business development initiatives, marketing plans, promotional materials and others.

Strategic Planning: Services
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